Proactive Government Support - The city of Wadsworth works to ensure that businesses thrive in the community. Inspired by a progressive and compassionate administration, time is taken to explore creative solutions, unique options and to uncover exciting opportunities to help meet your business needs. Assistance in expanding or relocating your business may be in the form of Enterprise Zones and Community Reinvestment Area Abatements, Low Interest Loans, Job Creation Grants and Tax Credits, Foreign Trade Zones, and Training Assistance.

Experienced Work Force - The productivity of the workforce in Ohio is famous and Medina County is an employment leader in Northeast Ohio. The Workforce Development Office and the Economic Development Directors of Medina County work hard to provide critical training and educational grants to Medina businesses and internship programs in order to provide a superior workforce that successfully competes in today's economy.

For more information, please feel free to contact Harry Stark at or 330-335-2707.