Snow Plowing

The City of Wadsworth has 120 miles of streets for which the Street Department has responsibility. We have 7 large snow plow trucks equipped with salt spreaders and 2 smaller trucks. It takes 14 hours to clean all streets in town.

Priority is given to main streets, collector streets, and bus routes. It is against City Ordinances to plow or blow snow into the street. This causes a traffic hazard as cars could hit this and lose control.

Overtime Situations

During overtime situations we normally have just two and sometimes four trucks maintaining the main streets. Side streets are normally not plowed in an overtime situation but are attended to as soon as possible during regular hours.

Snow Parking

A snow-parking ban is in effect whenever the snow exceeds 2 inches. This is done to help speed snow removal and protect your vehicles against damage. Unfortunately when snow gets fairly deep and is being plowed, as it is piled on the curb it fills drive approaches also. This is a problem that is very hard to alleviate and cannot be helped.

A snow plow truck in the streets.
A snow plow truck and sand truck in the street.